5 Steps to Prepare Your Skin and Hair for Spring and Summer

Happy First of March.

With only 20 more days for the spring to officially arrive, this is a good time to start preparing our skin and hair for the warmer months of Spring and Summer. These are the days when the temperature starts warming up, the air becomes moist and life starts blooming all over again all around us. It is a season of change and that means our beauty routine also needs to undergo a makeover.

While the winter weather left our skin and hair dry, spring and summer are the months to rejuvenate them all over again. Following is a simple 5 step routine which will help in getting back the lustre to your skin and hair.


1. Replace your heavy comfort foods with foods which are light and fresh. Eat light, unprocessed, local fresh foods like fruits, berries, salads, whole grains, wild fish and organic chicken.

2. Warm temperatures does not necessarily translate to cold drinks. Infact, according to Ayurveda cold drinks put off our digestive fire leading to the creation of toxins. Thus do not reach for your colas or cold coffees when thirsty. Instead go for fresh tap water which is at room temperature.Try to minimize the use of bottled water thereby also doing our little bit for the environment.

3. Do not toss your moisturizers away. Instead replace them with lighter moisturizers that are suitable for warmer temperatures. You can also use light facial oils that are free from any chemicals or preservatives.

4. Drink a spoonfull of Aloe vera juice and Amla Juice every day. Make sure that the juices are fresh. If you cannot find fresh juices, make sure the packaged versions are suitable for oral consumption.

5. Give you hair a coconut oil massage once a week. Warm the oil before the massage so that it penetrates deep into the pores of your scalp. We will soon be welcoming spring. And these 5 routines will help you in getting lustrous, dewy skin and hair.

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