4 Essential Mindset Routines for a Happier, Healthier You

Have you ever noticed how your mood affects your skin and hair. Imagine the time when you had first fallen in love. Did you notice how your skin glowed, your eyes sparkled and your hair shined and shimmered. What was it about that time. You were you, your diet did not change neither did your lifestyle. However one thing had changed and that was your mood. You started remaining happy most of the time. While your lover made you feel special in many different ways, your own heart and mind were filled with love. This made everything around you a bit more beautiful and a bit more bright. So that was the effect of love on you.


Now imagine the same you going through some stressful time - be it work related or family related. You are worried. You are thinking about the issue day and night. And while you carry out your day to day activities without a break, your skin now appears lack luster, your hair is dry and falling off and you have dark circles around your eyes. Even in all this stress, you are maintaining your healthy eating habits, you are exercising regularly and your lifestyle has not changed much. Then what has changed. Once again, it is your mindset. You are no longer calm, happy and content. You are stressed and this is affecting your health which is showing on your skin, hair and eyes. 

There is an old saying - "A Healthy Mind leads to A Healthy Body". From the above 2 examples we can see for ourselves how this holds true. 

So what can we do to have a healthy mind which in turn will reflect on our skin and hair. Here a re 4 simple tips to achieve the same -

1. Meditation - The importance of meditation in everyone's life cannot be stressed enough. It is one tool that will relieve your stress and anxiety, clear your mind, uplift your mood and at the same time keep you grounded. Just 10 minutes of meditation has a huge impact on your mental health, thereby also affecting your physical and emotional health. So 10 minutes of meditation should be a part of our daily routine.

2. Exercise - Exercise is the other tool that has a huge impact on our mental health. Exercise releases the "feel good hormones" in our body thereby making us feel happier and more energetic. Now exercise does not always have to be high energy, high impact physical activity. It can be as simple as going for a walk in the woods and hear the birds sing or do some gentle yoga while mindfully experiencing the stretching of muscles in your body.

3. Music - Music is a universal language which connects all the living beings together. It has the power to instantly uplift your mood and take you to a different universe all together. Several well-controlled studies have found that listening to music can alleviate pain or reduce the need for pain medications. Music therapy has also been shown to lift the spirits of patients with depression. So listening to some soft, calming, uplifting tunes daily is a surefire way of bettering your mental health

4. Spend time With your self - Lastly, one very important thing that we all overlook is spending time for ourselves doing what makes us feel happy. This could be reading, cooking , taking long walks in the woods, knitting, painting - anything that connects with us on a spiritual level and truly makes us happy. The whole idea is  that the process is what should make us happy and not the end result. For example, I love taking long walks where I do not have the aim of reaching anywhere. Just the process of walking and being one with nature makes me happy. So spend time doing something that will make you happy from within. This does not have to be daily. But do schedule some time for this activity atleast once during the week.

Following these 4 simple steps would uplift your mood, make you a happier person from within and this will show on you hair and skin.


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