Sandalwood Facial Scrub

A Different Kind of Exfoliant

At Dewy Naturals, we get asked a lot of questions about our products, their composition, their effectiveness and many others. We answer all of these questions individually to every person and see to it that they have complete information about our products before they invest in our brand.

One such question that gets commonly asked is "Why is our Sandalwood Facial Scrub in a powder format and not in a liquid/ semi liquid/ gel format?"


We find this question extremely interesting. As consumers, we are conditioned to think in a certain way about certain products. Most of all the commercial exfoliants that are currently available in the market fall into the above category of either being in a liquid, semi-liquid or gel form. Thus when we see something different, our brain automatically starts asking questions and finding answers to those question.

The simple answer to why our Sandalwood Facial Scrub is in a powder format lies in the philosophy of Dewy Naturals. Our philosophy at Dewy Naturals is to give our valued customers products that are 100% free of any chemicals, preservatives, additives or artificial colors or fragrances.

Thus our scrub contains nothing but 100% pure powdered herbs, all of which have properties that are beneficial to our skin in different ways. You can read the details of all the herbs used in our Sandalwood Facial Scrub on our product info page at -

Because our scrub is in a form of dry powder,it has a long shelf life without the having the need to add any kinds of artificial preservatives. This ensures that the scrub is completely free from any chemicals. Most of the other commercial scrubs that are in liquid, semi-liquid or gel form contain soap and/ or other chemical additives and thereby preservatives that give the products their consistency. Since at Dewy Naturals, our philosophy is to use only ingredients found in nature, you will find our products will not look and feel the same as those available commercially. However, they will be much more effective than those other products giving you long term benefits that will be noticed for days to come.

It will take time for people to get used to this different way looking at products that are beneficial for them. But we believe it will happens slowly but surely, one valued customer at a time.





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