7 Reasons to Include Sandalwood Powder in your Daily Skin Care Routine

Sandalwood has long been touted to have beneficial effects on the skin and has been used in skin care regiments since ancient times. Ayurveda classifies sandalwood as a coolant and an excellent remedy to use for any conditions caused by excessive heat in the body.

Here are 7 reasons how sandalwood powder can help you take care of your skin


1. Hyper pigmentation and Sunburns – Sandalwood paste is one of the best remedies to sooth harsh sunburns and clear skin from hyper pigmentation and age-spots. The essential oils in sandalwood naturally clear skin complexion and add a healthy glow to it.

2. Anti-aging Property – The toning effect of sandalwood helps in shrinking skin pores that provides an even skin texture and prevents sagging and aging skin. It tightens the drooping skin tissues in order to provide a supple and youthful appearance to the skin.

3. Skin Softening Effect – One of the most effective sandalwood benefits is ensuring baby soft skin. Sandalwood oil can either be used by itself or infused with other natural oils and massaged into the skin to get best results.

4. Pimple and Acne Treatment – The powerful antibacterial properties of sandalwood work effectively in fighting the bacteria and fungi and prevents the breakout of pimples and acne.

5. Itch Relief and Odor Protection -Skin itching and infections can be relieved within minutes of application of a paste made from sandalwood powder on the skin. It also helps in removing body odors due to excessive sweat, subsiding inflammation, skin redness and sore skin.

6. Prickly heat Solution – Excessive heat and sweating during summer season often result in itchy and painful prickly heat. The cooling astringent property of sandalwood helps in cooling the skin and curing prickly heat naturally.

7. Clear Complexion – Dark and dull complexion can make you unappealing and unattractive. Topical application of sandalwood mixed with other natural ingredients clear skin naturally without any side-effects.

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