With the swim suit season just around the corner, we are all looking for ways and means to shed those excess pounds that we have put during the cooler months hibernating indoors. What if we tell you that there is one simple exercise that you can all do which -

1. Helps get you in a better shape

2. Gives You a glowing Complexion along with healthy hair.

3. Improves and Maintain Your Overall Health

4. Improves and Manages Health Conditions like Diabetes, Cholesterol, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure

5. Improves your Mood and

6. Strengthens Your Muscles and Bones

For some it would be difficult to believe that all these benefits could be packaged into one simple exercise. But it has been scientifically proven that this one exercise can singularly help in all of the above.

To add to this, you do need any special equipment for this exercise nor do you need a trainer or would have to invest in expensive gym memberships. The only 2 things that you will ever need for this exercise are there with you right at this very moment. And those are the only things that you will ever need.

So what is this exercise? And what 2 things are we talk about? Well, the exercise is walking. Yes, it is simply walking. And the 2 things that we are talking about are your 2 legs.

That is it. Walking has long been proven to be the best exercise to keep you fit and healthy. You do not need any other form of exercise if you take your daily dose of walking. Modern Health Science now prescribes walking 10,000 steps to maintain your ideal weight and to get key health benefits from this exercise.

Though modern science has started seeing the benefits of walking recently, Ayurveda has always prescribed walking for 20 minutes after every meal. If 20 minutes after each meal is not possible, Ayurveda prescribes a concept of "Shatapavali" which means 100 steps (Shat =100 Pavali =Steps). This means we should walk atleast 100 steps after each meal. This helps in getting the gastric juices flowing which further help in digesting the foods completely without producing toxins.

We suggest an approach which is a combination of modern medicine and Ayurveda. We believe 10,000 steps is indeed the magic number which will help you in achieving the best of health. However, reaching this goal from the first day itself might be difficult for some. Instead, what we suggest is do take 2 half an hour walks every day - once in the morning and once either after lunch or dinner or both if possible. If that is too much, count your steps and then make it a practice to add only 100 steps every 3 days to your previous count. This will help in making you reach your goal of 10,000 steps in a few weeks or months, but you will surely reach it.

With warmer temperatures settling upon us and the days growing longer, we feel that all our fans will start making most of the outdoors and achieve your 10,000 steps goal in no time.

Till Then

Your's In Wellness


Dewy Naturals. 

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