Dewy Naturals Origins.

Dewy Naturals is a line of skin and hair care products made from 100% natural and mostly organic ingredients. Our products are free from any chemicals, preservatives or artificial perfumes and essences. We are a Canadian brand based out of Toronto, ON.

At Dewy Naturals, we believe that just like we need good nutrition for our body, we need good nutrition to keep our skin and hair healthy. This is exactly what we have strived to deliver. We have brought forth recipes from the ancient texts of Ayurveda that will not only make your skin and hair look good, but will also nourish them from inside out. They will help bring the natural glow on your skin and hair, thereby making them Dewy.

All our products are all hand-crafted in Toronto thereby assuring our consumers highest quality and standards for them to derive maximum benefits out of our products

About our Founder

Dewy Naturals is a brain child of Kanchan Raste. Growing up, her mom placed a lot of emphasis on an Ayurvedic Way of Living. This has had been a family tradition for many many generations.

Kanchan kept observing all the benefits that this lifestyle led to and that piqued her own interest in the subject. Her reading and research in Ayurveda started from a very young age. The same interest and lifestyle made her stay away from all the commercial skin and hair care products.

After moving to North America she found that there were no other products available in the market which were 100% natural and combined the benefits of all the Ayurvedic herbs. Dewy Naturals was born as a culmination of her 12 years of research and study on the subject to make these products available to those seeking beauty from inside out in this part of the world.

 You can reach her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a personal consultation about the most appropriate products for you.

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