Ritu Charya - An Autumn Routine

With the warm, humid summers almost behind us, cool and crisp Autumn is gently knocking on our doors. 

As the weather turns cooler and the air turns crisper, the emerald green of trees slowly changes colors to cast a golden hue on the surroundings, the light cotton clothing is replaced by warmer, softer woolen clothing, and best of all the fragrance of festivities in the air - be it Thanksgiving, Diwali, Halloween makes this a very special season for me. The stores start getting dressed in their best of wares, people start sprucing their houses for the winters and the fragrance of a wood burning fire makes one feel like cuddling up with a loved one with a hot chocolate in hand.

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Of Celebrations, Spring Detox, Femininity and Indian New Year

April 08th marked the arrival of Indian New Year according to the Vedic Calendars. It also marked the beginning of a 9 day long Indian festival that is celebrated to honor the Goddess in her different forms. Each of these 9 days celebrates one of her forms, those being- Creativity and Wisdom, Energy and Power (Like that of the Sun), Strength (Like that of a Mountain), Beauty, Sensuality, Love and Nurture, Determination and last but not the least Fierceness.

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Aloe Vera - The Wonder Gel

Aloe Vera - The Wonder Gel needs no introduction. "The Plant of Immortality" as it was called by the Egyptians, can perform miracles not just for your skin and hair but for your overall health as well, which is why it has found a permanent place in my kitchen cupboard.

Here are some of the ways in which Aloe Vera gel helps in enhancing your beauty and heath amongst the multitude other benefits that it provides.

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