7 Reasons to Include Sandalwood Powder in your Daily Skin Care Routine

Sandalwood has long been touted to have beneficial effects on the skin and has been used in skin care regiments since ancient times. Ayurveda classifies sandalwood as a coolant and an excellent remedy to use for any conditions caused by excessive heat in the body.

Here are 7 reasons how sandalwood powder can help you take care of your skin

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Sandalwood Facial Scrub

A Different Kind of Exfoliant

At Dewy Naturals, we get asked a lot of questions about our products, their composition, their effectiveness and many others. We answer all of these questions individually to every person and see to it that they have complete information about our products before they invest in our brand.

One such question that gets commonly asked is "Why is our Sandalwood Facial Scrub in a powder format and not in a liquid/ semi liquid/ gel format?"

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4 Essential Mindset Routines for a Happier, Healthier You

Have you ever noticed how your mood affects your skin and hair. Imagine the time when you had first fallen in love. Did you notice how your skin glowed, your eyes sparkled and your hair shined and shimmered. What was it about that time. You were you, your diet did not change neither did your lifestyle. However one thing had changed and that was your mood. You started remaining happy most of the time. While your lover made you feel special in many different ways, your own heart and mind were filled with love. This made everything around you a bit more beautiful and a bit more bright. So that was the effect of love on you.

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5 Steps to Prepare Your Skin and Hair for Spring and Summer

Happy First of March.

With only 20 more days for the spring to officially arrive, this is a good time to start preparing our skin and hair for the warmer months of Spring and Summer. These are the days when the temperature starts warming up, the air becomes moist and life starts blooming all over again all around us. It is a season of change and that means our beauty routine also needs to undergo a makeover.

While the winter weather left our skin and hair dry, spring and summer are the months to rejuvenate them all over again. Following is a simple 5 step routine which will help in getting back the lustre to your skin and hair.

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Hyper pigmentation and Age Spots


Hyper-pigmentation or Age spots are common conditions that many women experience over the course of time. There is a natural, very simple remedy to take care of this condition and will not break your bank.

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