Sandalwood Facial Scrub

Dewy Naturals’ Sandalwood Facial Scrub is specifically formulated to rid our skin of dead cell build up, toxins excreted from our skin and environmental pollutants. The cells of our skin are continuously regenerating with old cells dying and new cells being generated. This leads to a dead cell build up on our skin. At the same time our skin is also the largest organ of our body, excreting toxins from our body all the time. These toxins stay on our skin blocking our pores. At the same time our skin is also exposed to a lot of environmental pollutants at any given instance. All these factors affect the health and texture of our skin thereby making it look lack luster.

Dewy Naturals has formulated a unique Sandalwood Facial Scrub which addresses all the above issues. It has ingredients like Sandal Wood and a combination of other skin clarifying herbs like White Turmeric, Vetiver, Indian Gooseberry, Licorice, Wild Turmeric and Thyme known for their exfoliating, cleansing, anti-aging, detoxifying and regenerative properties. Using Sandalwood Facial Scrub will ensure that your skins is cleansed from inside out and will bring out the natural glow thereby making your skin look soft, healthy and Dewy.

Sandalwood Powder - Sandalwood Powder has fine particles that provides gentle exfoliation, and helps to unblock pores and to remove dirt and flaking skin. It is said to have mild antibacterial properties and can act as a gentle cleanser. Sandalwood Powder has a light, delicate woody scent and is considered a natural choice as an exfoliant in skin-care products such as facial cleansers

White Turmeric – White Turmeric is valued for its ability to purify the blood. It is an antiseptic and a paste applied locally to cuts and wounds helps healing. White Turmeric possesses detoxifying properties and is known to help in cell regeneration.

Vetiver – Vetiver is known to rejuvenate the skin giving you a young and healthy look. The anti-aging benefits and the cell regeneration properties of this herbs makes it an effective natural remedy for treating stretch marks, acne, burns, fat cracks and certain other skin disorders. With its promising antiseptic properties, Vetiver has been proven effective in combating bacteria and other harmful microbes thereby stopping wounds and other skin infections

Indian Gooseberry – While volumes can be written on the benefits of this little green fruit on your skin and total heath, it would suffice to say that it is one of the most important foods in Ayurvedic medicine with an incredible list of health benefits. This little berry is packed with Vitamin E which is forms an essential ingredient of most of the skin care products. Along with this Indian Gooseberry is known for its detoxifying, regenerative, anti- oxidative properties.

Licorice - Licorice as a natural element has a mild smoothening and brightening action. It helps in the fading of hyper- pigmentation and sun damage for all skin tones in a safe manner. It blocks melanin production to prevent the formation of hyper-pigmentation. Its usage leaves the skin brighter, hydrated and clearer. The root extracts are potent for red, acne-prone skin as well as for dull complexions and dehydrated skin. The root also contains a particular compound that works as a gentle sunscreen. It acts like a shield and protects the skin from UVA/ UVB rays to keep your skin bright and fresh

Thyme - A recent study, widely publicized, shows that THYME is more effective than prescription creams at treating blemishes caused by an acne bacterium. Thyme is known for its antibacterial properties and might have a future as an acne-fighting ingredient. Thyme is also known to help tone aged skin.

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